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Although sealant can extend the life of all asphalt projects, commercial asphalt surfaces are frequently used more extensively or may support heavier vehicles. Therefore, it is essential to protect the asphalt, so it remains durable and structurally sound for many years.

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If your parking lot needs commercial sealcoating because it is cracked, brittle, old, or not as black as it used to be you can get a free sealcoating estimate from Frank A. Macchione – Paving Plus. We’re your local Bergen County NJ sealcoating company.  Give us a call at 201-652-0694 for a free estimate or fill out our contact form. We’ll give you a cost estimate within 24-48 hours.

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Sealcoating usually adds ten or more years to the life of an asphalt surface. Its protective coating helps protect asphalt driveways, walkways, and parking lots from dangerous chemicals, oils, and severe weather conditions. The sun can make asphalt become dry and brittle. When heat causes the asphalt to lose moisture, it becomes rigid, it cannot expand when the ground shifts, so it becomes more susceptible to cracking.

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Additionally, sealcoating helps asphalt retain its dark color. The enhanced appearance of your asphalt will make your grounds appear well-maintained, inviting, and safe.

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  • Sealcoating will keep your asphalt pavement, walkway, or parking lot looking black and new
  • Extend the time between milling and paving jobs by regularly sealcoating your asphalt
  • Seal coating protects from harsh weather, heat, cold, sun exposure and more
  • Avoid asphalt cracks in your pavement by sealcoating broken asphalt
  • Keep your asphalt pavement safer for longer
  • A well sealed asphalt area is easy to clean and maintain especially during the winter snow season

In addition to providing sealcoating, Paving Plus offers patching, paving repair, and other maintenance services to help keep your asphalt looking new and vibrant. Contact us today for fast, free information about our services. Fill out our online form, or call Paving Plus at 201-652-0694 to ask for an estimate.

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