If you have plans to have your parking lot or other commercial space paved, it’s important to select a good commercial paving company to get the work done. This means you’ll have to conduct different businesses in order to find the one that will match your needs at a price that’s right. Here are the factors to consider if you’re looking to find the best paving company for your project.

Use an Experienced and Well-Respected Commercial Paving Company

No matter if you’re managing a strip mall in Paterson or you’re putting up a new casino in Atlantic City, you’re going to need a reputable and experienced company for your paving needs. Seek out an established paver that has been doing business for years, one that can show you a full portfolio of past completed projects. Visit some of these sites yourself if you have time, or request references and check them out yourself.

Also, consider that the size of the company will have an impact on how quickly your paving project will be completed. For small parking lots, for instance, a small but experienced crew is likely to be sufficient. Larger jobs, though, require larger crews in order to complete your project in a reasonable time frame and not disrupt your property’s ability to attract customers.

Use a Proactive and Engaging Commercial Paver

Never trust a paving company that won’t go the extra mile to consult with you about your project before they begin. Experienced pavers will not only speak with you about your need for your property to be paved but will also personally survey the site and then provide their expert opinion to how the project is likely to shake out. You don’t just want a paving company that will show up, dump some asphalt, and leave without engaging you in the process as a property manager.

Good commercial pavers will ensure that you are well-informed as to not just the costs of the project but also what is to be expected in terms of workflow and impact on your property. Project managers should inform you as to the specific type of asphalt that will be used and why, that all relevant state safety and accessibility requirements like handicapped parking spot placement are conducted properly, and whether or not they will be using subcontractors on your project.

Use a Company that Forges a Long-Term Relationship

It’s the nature of any type of pavement that it will wear down over time. Exposure to traffic and the environment leads to the need for maintenance, so it’s helpful to have the company that originally paved your parking lot to be the one that conducts any routine or preventative maintenance.

Commercial paving companies that stand behind their handiwork are likely to offer at least a limited warranty against any defects or repairs. Make sure you understand what’s covered under the warranty and what’s not, how long the cover period is, and what you can expect to be charged for both routine and emergency maintenance past that point.

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to find the best paver for your commercial property. Taking all these above factors into account — reliability, experience, engagement, and long-term relationships — will make it easier to select a commercial paving company that will meet your needs without stretching your budget.