At Paving Plus, we know that healthcare facilities have unique challenges to provide top quality care for patients and balance their limited budget. We save you time and money by creating a pavement management plan that fits your needs. If you are a healthcare facility managers you need to speak with a top rated paving contractor when it comes to maintenance, minimizing paving costs, maximizing patient safety on your property, and following ADA compliance and government regulations.

Paving Plus has 40+ years of experience helping healthcare facility managers with parking lot maintenance and repair. We can build and repair parking decks for hospitals or repair medical center parking lots. Our parking lot management services offer turn-key and cost-effective asphalt paving that will keep your parking lots safer for longer.

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Hospital Parking Lot Paving Contractor in NJ

When a patient visits your facility the last thing that should happen is an additional injury from an parking lot that wasn’t properly maintained. Tripping in a pothole in a hospital parking lot is a liability that any property manager doesn’t want to deal with.

Medical Center Parking Lot Repair and Maintenance Contractor in New Jersey

If you run a medical facility, a properly maintained parking lot should be a reassuring site. Making sure patients and staff can quickly and safely get tot heir destination is a top priority for any property owner, especially one involved in healthcare facilities. Paving Plus stays current on all property regulations, including ADA Parking Lot guidelines, to ensure projects are completed within specifications and do not incur additional fees from lack of legal compliance with governement regulations. 

Saving Money on Hospital Parking Lot Repair Contractors

Our Top Paving Contractors understand that your Hospital or Medical Facilitie’s budget is always being pulled in a million directions so we will work your property manager or healthcare facilities manager to make asphalt repairs when they are most economical. Furthermore, our parking lot project managers are sensitive to traffic control and your timetable which is why we can offer overnight paving to keep you running smoothly. We also work in stages to finish asphalt repairs quickly and cause as little disturbance as possible. Our goal is to keep your facility open during the entire parking lot repair, maintenance, or paving experience.

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