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With the sheer number of competitors in the hotel and restaurant business, it is important to create and promote a safe and clean atmosphere so you stand out among the rest. A major aspect is how kept the parking lot outside your business is, which is why it is crucial to work closely with a trusted paving contractor for the hospitality industry in NJ. Restaurants and hotels both have regulations and safety protections that can make paving complicated for managers and owners. When hiring a parking lot paving contractor for hotels and restaurants, the importance of ensuring ADA compliance is paramount for inclusivity and safety.

Paving Plus has decades of experience working with restaurant owners and hotel managers with parking lot repair and maintenance. We construct parking decks for all types of businesses in the hospitality industry and repair parking lots with our cost-effective asphalt paving service that will keep your business looking cleaner and more professional than ever.

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Asphalt Maintenance Services for the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and restaurants must maintain a level of cleanliness and safety for customers to enjoy the services offered and feel satisfaction with an owner or manager. Additionally, allowing parking accessibility for handicapped and disabled individuals is a top priority so no customer feels excluded. It is crucial to partner with a parking lot paving contractor for hotels and restaurants hospitality that complies with the ADA and understands government regulations. Paving Plus is a top paving company in NJ. We are industry leaders in advice on parking lot maintenance, avoiding asphalt damage to help managers, owners, cleaning crews, and customers, and other parking lot best practices, so that you see a drastic improvement in overall productivity of all property.


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