Paving Contractor for Churches, Synagoges, and other religious institutions in New Jersey

Paving Plus offers asphalt paving services to religious institutions within the state of New Jersey. We have worked with Churches, Mosques, and Shul’s to keep their parking lot safe, ADA compliant, and smooth. Many religious institutions avoid parking lot maintenance in favor of providing aid and services to their community. While this is commendable, the main reason for this is because many religious facilities do not have anyone on staff to handle property management when it comes to parking lots, pathways, walkways, or sidewalks.

It is important to make a safe parking lot, asphalt surface, or concrete sidewalk on the property, hazard free. As members age, and facilities age, it is a matter of time before an injury occurs. Regular parking lot upkeep minimizes risk to congregations and communities. A good place to begin is by scheduling a free consultation with Paving Plus so we can assessing property damage and provide a free quote.

Paving Plus, operated by Frank Macchione Construction has 40+ years of experience helping religious institutions all over new Jersey manage parking lot maintenance and asphalt repair of ADA parking lots.

Our parking lot management solutions help facilities managers, property managers, and property owners identify risk, hazards, and potential lawsuits. Then we create a plan for routine maintenance that maximizes time and money.

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Church Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair Contractor in NJ

Religious institutions are extremely busy facilities. Not only do they improve the lives of the people in their communities, but most provide community services to those most in need. With such continuous use, it is no wonder that religious facilities are in constant need of parking lot maintenance. Parking lots are no exception. When faced with limited funds and know-how, it is especially important to consult the experts in parking lot management.

Synagogue Parking Lot Paving Contractor in NJ

Paving Plus performs on-site evaluations of parking areas for many religious institutions such as Shuls and Synagogues to avoid any injury to congregants. We  educate facilities personnel on how to spot warning signs of cracks, potholes, and other pavement failures. Getting to these issues early can save time and money.

Parking Lot Maintenance and Repair Contractor for Mosques in NJ

A Pavement Management Plan (or PMP) can be developed to outline defects in any Mosque parking lot. When your religious institution has people constantly using the facilities, it is a matter of time before damage starts to form. Speak with Paving Plus to schedule repairs that fit your budget. At the end of the day, we want to create a safe environment that keeps people feeling safe and secure when they pull into your parking lot.


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