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Paving Plus is the top asphalt paving contractor to all institutions within the state of New Jersey. We have worked with Businesses, Schools, Churches, and Towns to keep roads paved with asphalt, fix potholes, and maintain ADA compliant parking lots and parking spaces. 

When we pave roads, they last longer because we do it right and we don’t cut corners. Speak to an expert to begin is by scheduling a free consultation with Paving Plus so we can assessing property damage and provide a free quote.

Paving Plus, operated by Frank Macchione Construction has 40+ years of experience helping owners, managers, and custodians all over new Jersey manage pave blacktop roads that are one lane, two lane, or as wide as a 4 lane highway. Whatever the job is, we can handle it.

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Contractor for Fixing Asphalt Road in NJ

If your road is cracked, filled with potholes, or crumbling, it may be time to repave the road. We mill and pave blacktop roadways, pathways, and parking lots throughout Northern New Jersey, Central Jersey, and South Jersey. Get a FREE Consultation so we can determine the appropriate cost for paving an asphalt road that will last for years to come.  Paving Plus is an industry leader in NJ for parking lot maintenance, advice on how to avoid asphalt damage, and other forms of repair that can drastically improvement the overall productivity of your town.


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