Best Asphalt Milling and Paving Contractors in NJ

As a property manager, finding the best commercial paving contractor in NJ can be difficult. Finding a company that can maintain your blacktop is even more difficult. That’s why companies in northern New Jersey and Central New Jersey look to Paving Plus to keep their asphalt repaired, sealed, and looking new. At Paving Plus, we understand that commercial property owners and managers are always maintaining their brand by keeping their property looking sharp. By creating a specialized pavement management plan for you, we optimize both your time and money. Consulting the best paving contractor for commercial companies allows for maintenance best practices, cost-effective paving,  safety for clients, and ADA and government regulation compliance. 

Paving Plus is a top parking lot asphalt paving company in Bergen County NJ. We are extremely proud and passionate about our quality work in parking lot maintenance and asphalt services. We understand the difficulties in maintaining a parking lot, which is why many of the top companies in all industries work with us to create a unique pavement management plan.

Top Blacktop Milling and Paving Contractors in NJ

Paving Plus has 40+ of experience helping commercial property owners and managers maintain and repair their asphalt and concrete with affordable maintenance packages. Our cost-efficient asphalt paving pothole repair, sealcoating, and milling and paving services will keep your business looking cleaner than ever.

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Commercial Blacktop Paving Contractor in NJ

Commercial companies must maintain a perfect parking lot so clients are happy to visit.  Recently, providing parking spots for handicapped and disabled individuals is a top priority so no one feels left out. It is paramount to partner with a commercial parking lot paving contractor in New Jersey that complies with the ADA and understands government regulations. Paving Plus is a top ADA compliant paving company in NJ for parking lot maintenance, advice on how to avoid asphalt damage that helps customers, property managers, CEOs and commercial crews.

Parking Lot Repair Company in New Jersey

The licensed professionals at Paving Plus will listen to your asphalt paving needs, view your current maintenance protocols, and recommend services that are most suitable for your commercial paving project.


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  • Overlay

  • Maintenance

  • Repair

  • Sealing

  • Milling and Paving

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