Best Asphalt Pothole Repair Contractors in NJ

As a property manager, finding the best commercial asphalt repair contractor in NJ to fix potholes in your parking lot can be a challenge. Paving Plus makes it easy to fix potholes in cold winter months with our infrared pothole repair services. Our experts will patch and repair your asphalt and apply the amount you spend on the repair to milling and paving done during spring. So you have smooth, damage free asphalt year round.

Damage can be extensive and might require repaving your asphalt road, highway, or parking lot but we will offer options to repair the damaged blacktop before any extensive work is done on your property. You decide what is best based on your budget. 

Get a free consultation and speak to the the best pothole repair company in northern New Jersey. Paving Plus is the top asphalt paving repair contractor for parking lots. To keep your parking lot safe and fresh year round we also offer asphalt maintenance services for parking lots that utilize best practices, snow removal, cost-effective paving,  safety for clients, and ADA and government regulation compliance.

Pothole Repair Company in New Jersey

Paving Plus has 40+ of experience assisting commercial property owners and managers with parking lot repairs and maintenance like pothole repairs. We repair asphalt blacktop parking lots with our cost-efficient asphalt repair services that use the latest in infrared pothole repair technology. Keep your business looking fresh and successful and cover up those dangerous potholes.

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Infrared Pothole Repair in NJ

Commercial companies must maintain pothole free parking areas so customers will want to return. A massive pothole can be fixed by a few methods but we prefer infrared pothole repairs as it allows us to fix potholes even when it’s cold outside. Infrared reuses much of the original asphalt so it’s more environmentally friendly and it works extremely quickly. As a commercial paving repair company in NJ, Paving Plus knows what it takes to keep your roads and parking lots free from cracks and potholes. 

Parking Lot Pothole Repair Company in New Jersey

The licensed professionals at Paving Plus will listen to your asphalt repair and pothole filling needs. We also handle commercial paving projects and services such as:


  • Striping

  • Overlay

  • Maintenance

  • Repair

  • Sealing

  • Milling and Paving

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