Repaving your parking lot might sound like an unnecessary expense, but the truth is that keeping your lot in top shape is an important step to take.

Why You Need to Keep Your Lot in Good Condition

Nobody likes to look at a torn up parking lot – not you, and not your customers. But keeping a lot in good condition is important on more than an aesthetic level. Worn down lots are more than just an eyesore – they’re potentially hazardous to you, your employees, your customers, and anyone else that drives by.

How dangerous are we talking about? That depends on how worn down your parking lot is. Potholes, the most common problem, are killer on vehicles and visitors alike, causing tire and suspension damage to cars and causing trips and falls with people. Patching potholes is a good stop-gap measure, but patches deteriorate over time – and besides, they’re a terrible eyesore. Better to start from scratch by repaving your lot completely.

The Benefits of a Bright New Lot

Eliminating potholes is a major benefit when it comes to taking the time to repave your parking lot, but that’s not the only advantage. In fact, there are plenty of reasons you might want a fresh new lot, one of the most obvious being aesthetics. Fresh, clean, asphalt is incredibly attractive, and with curb appeal so important to business owners, it’s crucial to ensure your customers have a beautiful spot to park their cars.

But more importantly, repaving a damaged lot can do more than creating an attractive landing space for your customers. Repaving provides opportunities to have effective drainage solutions built into your lot, preventing the possibility of dangerous and damaging flooding. Additionally, new asphalt means new striping for parking spaces. This provides clarity for drivers, as increased visibility reduces the possibility of mishaps like fender benders.

Finally, repaved parking lots have a tendency to last longer and require less maintenance, especially if you make the decision to have them seal coated. These special treatments reduce the amount of water that seeps into the asphalt, making it harder for cracks and potholes to form. Many seal coats also have ultraviolet protection as well, meaning that the clean sheen of your black asphalt and your white parking stripes will last longer in the bright sun.

Lot Repaving Won’t Disrupt Your Business

At this point, you might say that repaving your parking lot certainly sounds like a good idea, but you might be concerned about how long it could take. It seems like a rather time-intensive process, and you can’t afford to have your parking out of commission for an extended period of time. No place for customers to park means no customers, right?

Well, there’s some good news. Lot repaving doesn’t have to disrupt your business. It’s not necessary to cordon off your entire lot during this process. In fact, many paving companies will repave a lot in phases, tackling just one small part at a time until the entire lot is done. This means that repaving your lot never means having to give up more than a small amount of customer parking, and this is unlikely to have a significant impact on you or your customers!

The Bottom Line

Whether your lot has become faded and unsightly or it’s more pothole than asphalt, repaving is always a good idea. Call your local parking lot contractor today for more information!