Commercial building managers have a lot on their plate. Keeping a whole property safe and profitable is a major undertaking after all! That being said, it’s all too easy to overlook the role certain things like when it’s time to restripe a parking lot can play in keeping your commercial building in good shape, and not just because it keeps the flow of traffic organized. Here’s why you can’t forget something as seemingly insignificant as making sure the painted lines in your lot are ready for prime time.

It’s All About the Curb Appeal

You wouldn’t leave the inside of your commercial building a wreck, would you? Of course not — you’ve got to keep it looking neat and tidy. Whether it’s cleaning floors, straightening shelves, or taking out the trash, keeping the interior of a commercial property neat and clean makes it an attractive place for employees to work and clients or customers to visit.

Much can be said for the outside of your commercial business as well. A lot with faded parking lot striping sends a clear message that you don’t care about the property’s curb appeal much in the same way that an unkempt lawn, peeling exterior paint, or lackluster landscaping does. You wouldn’t leave the inside of your building looking old and neglected; why would you leave the outside that way?

Restripe a Parking Lot to Avoid Legal Issues

Making sure your parking lot striping is in good shape isn’t just a good idea: quite often, it’s the law. New revisions to the Americans with Disabilities Act have adjusted how publicly-accessible parking lots handle their handicapped parking spaces, and these new guidelines will most likely require you to seriously revise how your lot is delineated. These guidelines include the number of handicapped spots, their specific dimensions, and signage requirements.

Is it a hassle to restripe a parking lot just to comply with federal guidelines? Maybe. But let’s be clear here: non-compliance with the ADA can be a serious problem, especially if you’re reported for the violation. You can end up with some very serious fines — and these fines are often much more expensive than it would have been to have your lot repainted to ensure you have the requisite number of handicapped spaces and that they’re the right size and shape. A little prevention, in this case, is a major investment that pays off.

Safeguarding the Success of Your Property

Commercial lot striping goes well beyond just aesthetics and organization. Whether it’s in order to provide enough of the right spaces for visitors with disabilities or it’s simply to present an image of professionalism and care both inside and out, ensuring you restripe a parking lot to keep it in good shape is an important facet of the success of your property. You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure a neat and attractive lot is the first thing your visitors experience.