Move over, concrete; get lost, tile. There’s a better pathway paving option for businesses in New Jersey, and it’s good old-fashioned asphalt. You might not think asphalt is the best choice but the truth is it’s as close to perfect as it gets. In fact, whether you’re installing pathways from your parking lot to your front door or sidewalks across the perimeter of your retail establishment, using asphalt pathways is always going to be the best choice. Here’s why.

Installation is Quick and Easy

When you compare it to other construction materials, asphalt often can be installed quicker and easier. This is true through the entire process, ranging from the mixing of the material to the process of laying the asphalt down to the amount of time the mixture needs to cure.

In fact, one of the best reasons to use asphalt for walkways instead of concrete is the time factor: asphalt will be ready to be walked on in mere hours. Compare that to concrete, which can take, quite literally, days before it’s safe to walk on. When you’ve got a busy place of business, you want to minimize any construction-related disruptions, and using asphalt allows you to do just that.

Asphalt is Safer in All Weather Conditions

You’re responsible for taking reasonable steps to keep your place of business safely accessible during bad weather. This means that your company is likely on the hook for sidewalks or pathways that are covered in dangerous levels of ice, snow, or other hazards. Lucky for you, then, that asphalt is inherently safer than most other paving materials.

New Jersey winters can be cold and wet, but asphalt paths naturally melt quicker than others because of their black color. They tend to be more uniform and smooth as well, providing fewer opportunities for your visitors or workers to slip, trip, and fall any time of the year and during any weather condition.

You’ll Be Safeguarding the Environment

Did you know that asphalt is 100% recyclable? That’s right — in fact, a great many commercial pavers in New Jersey and beyond use recycled asphalt sidewalks and parking lots on a regular basis. In fact, using recycled asphalt mix is preferred because it’s substantially stronger than the new mix that’s never been used before.

Meanwhile, asphalt offers excellent water runoff and drainage options. In some cases, porous asphalt can be used to preserve groundwater systems without sacrificing the durability of your asphalt sidewalks, pathways, or parking lots. This enhanced drainage helps keep your pathways from accumulating standing water, also making them safer during bad weather.

Asphalt Pathways Are Your Best Choice

There is any number of reasons to choose asphalt over any other construction material for your business’ sidewalks and pathways. Asphalt goes down quicker and easier and is safer to walk on during bad weather, it’s more environmentally friendly than other materials, and it’s also easier to maintain and repair. All of these facets together make asphalt your number one choice for nearly every paving need you might have.